3M Health Information Systems Teams Up with Amazon Web Services to Develop AI-Powered Clinical Documentation

Collaboration seeks to enhance the patient-physician experience and alleviate administrative burden through advanced AI technology

3M Health Information Systems (HIS) has revealed a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in an effort to develop innovations in the rapidly growing field of ambient intelligence. The partnership will utilize AWS Machine Learning (ML) and generative AI services, including Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Comprehend Medical, and Amazon Transcribe Medical, to streamline the advancement and implementation of 3M's ambient clinical documentation and virtual assistant solutions.

The concept of ambient intelligence, introduced by the European Commission in 1999, has evolved significantly over the past two decades, leading to an era of increased integration between humans and technology. As an early adopter in this field, 3M has played a key role in promoting the use of conversational AI and ambient intelligence within clinical documentation workflows. At present, over 300,000 clinicians depend on 3M's conversational AI platform, which encompasses the cloud-based 3MTM MModal Fluency Direct and 3MTM MModal Fluency Align solutions.

Collaborating with AWS is anticipated to further refine 3M's conversational AI platform, facilitating more effective, precise, and scalable clinical documentation. By incorporating AWS ML services, 3M's ambient clinical documentation solutions can offer improved support to physicians in documenting patient interactions while maintaining compliance with applicable laws and guidelines. This combined approach aims to responsibly deliver reliable, practical, and valuable technology-powered solutions at scale for both patients and physicians.

The partnership also builds upon 3M HIS' initial success with 3M Fluency Align, a solution that employs contextual understanding to produce quality-reviewed notes directly in the patient record. Leveraging Amazon Bedrock's generative AI service, 3M intends to further scale and expedite its innovation in conversational AI, providing increased flexibility and usability to physician end users.

3M HIS President Garri Garrison expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating, "Our overarching goal is to create a better, more sustainable solution and to continue to be a trusted partner that our clients can rely on to reduce administrative tasks and prioritize patient engagement."

The strategic alliance between 3M and AWS has the potential to transform patient care delivery and the overall experience of healthcare. As AI technology progresses, the integration of ambient intelligence into clinical documentation workflows holds promise for reshaping the future of healthcare, enabling medical professionals to concentrate on direct patient care and ultimately enhance the quality of the patient-physician experience.


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