Dossia partners with Children's Hospital Boston

DossiaInformation Week has an article about Dossia, the Personal Health Record collaboration between Walmart, Intel and others:

Dossia, a coalition of several large employers including Wal-Mart and Intel (INTC), announced today that it's taking a second major stab at providing millions of employees with secure personal health records.

Dossia was launched last December and signed a deal with nonprofit start-up Omnimedix, which Dossia funded and named as the prime contractor in building the system from scratch.

But problems began only a few months into the deal, with both parties heading to court with complaints that Dossia missed scheduled payments to Omnimedix and that Omnimedix missed project milestones. The conflict is being privately arbitrated. Dossia president Colin Evans wouldn't comment on the Omnimedix case.

Now Dossia is starting fresh via a new partnership with Children's Hospital Boston, which is providing technological and strategic guidance to Dossia. The company will base its personal health record system on "the underlying capabilities" of Indivo, a system that Children's Hospital built for its patients in 1998.

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