EHR 2.0

I recently recieved an email from Vitaly Latush about his EHR 2.0 concept:

 Recently I came up with a new EHR concept; I have published a white paper that outlines an alternative approach to implementing a nation-wide, easily accessible electronic health record solution based on the "publish – discover" paradigm successfully used on the global scale to manage immense volumes of non-integrated information available through the Internet. The concept is called EHR 2.0 (alternatively EMR 2.0). It helps to answer the following important questions:

  • How can we reduce significantly the complexity and cost of medical data integration?
  • How can we provide an easily accessible and updatable EHR master copy while minimizing limitations imposed on health care service providers regarding patient information management systems they use and the way they store patient data?
  • How can we reduce health care service providers' transition costs?

Here is the link to my blog post related to the topic:

and direct link to the white paper: 2.0 %28EMR 2.0%29 - new Electronic Health Record concept.pdf


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