Introduction to Health IT

This captivating "theory" course introduces Health IT and Digital Health, tailored specifically for healthcare and public health applications. This course delves deep into the world of health IT standards, the intricate structures of health-related data, innovative software applications, and the dynamic enterprise architecture that forms the backbone of healthcare and public health organizations.

Course Objectives:

Upon the successful completion of this engaging course, students will gain an in-depth understanding and will be able to:

  1. Articulate the multifaceted functions, purposes, and benefits of health information systems in a variety of healthcare settings, shedding light on how they revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered and managed.
  2. Examine the influential federal initiatives and other groundbreaking developments that have shaped the evolution and widespread adoption of health information systems, painting a picture of the progress made in the field.
  3. Analyze and compare different types of health information systems in terms of their capabilities to cater to the diverse needs of various healthcare enterprises, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of these systems in a constantly changing landscape.
  4. Explore the profound impact of electronic health records on patient safety, quality of care, efficiency, productivity, and reporting/documentation mechanisms, highlighting their significance in modern healthcare.
  5. Develop and propose innovative strategies to mitigate major barriers hindering the adoption of electronic health records, paving the way for seamless integration of technology in healthcare.
  6. Unravel the intricate connections between the principles of healthcare data exchange and healthcare data standards, examining their relevance to patient care, productivity, and data analysis in order to optimize healthcare outcomes and streamline processes.


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