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  • Johns Hopkins Offers New Health Informatics Degree

    Published: Admin

    An indication that Health Informatics is really taking off as a profession and research area: The one-year Master's degree program is designed to prepare graduates…

  • Healthcare IT Central

    Published: Admin

    Gwen Darling has set up a great new resource for Health IT professionals called Healthcare IT Central. The site is an expansion of her Healthcare…

  • EpiSurveyor Used for Polio Containment in East Africa

    Published: Admin

    EpiSurveyor is being used to investigate and contain a polio outbreak in East Africa. Handheld devices or mobile phones are used to log symptoms of…

  • LinkEHR Videos

    Published: Admin

    LinkEHR has uploaded a number of education videos to YouTube: [youtube=] [youtube=]

  • Reviews of the National Programme for IT (UK NHS)

    Published: Admin

    Reviews of the National Programme for IT have been made available under the freedom of information act: These relate to issues which were examined through…

  • Tom Bowden from HealthLINK Podcast

    Published: Admin

    Tom Bowden, Chief Executive of HealthLINK talks to CanadianEMR about New Zealand's EMR adoption in primary care. Listen to the podcast here.


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