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  • GE Stimulus Simplicity

    Published: Admin

    GE are offering financing for doctors buying EMR systems: Link

  • Health IT Adoption in Small Doctors Offices

    Published: Admin

    Lots of videos from the House Committee on Small Business, Subcommittee on Regulations and Healthcare hearing on Health IT Adoption and the New Challenges Faced…

  • Martin Bellamy Leaves NHS CfH

    Published: Admin

    E-Health Insider is reporting that Martin Bellamy is to leave NHS Connecting for Health: His departure comes as part of a wider shake-up of NHS…

  • Paper Kills

    Published: Admin

    Newt Gingrich talks about the "Paper Kills" book edited by David Merritt: [youtube=]

  • MEFANET Conference Proceedings

    Published: Admin

    The Proceedings for the MEFANET conference have been published in hard-copy and online. MEFANET is an organisation that has been set up to develop e-learning…

  • m-Health NZ: Website goes live!

    Published: Admin

    The website for our m-Health conference is now live:


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