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  • Cloud Computing in Healthcare, A Presentation

    Published: Admin

    From Chilmark Research: [slideshare id=910512&doc=phrsplatformstrends-1231776766412090-3&w=425]

  • Health Informatics News Round-Up

    Published: Admin

    Health 2.0 Group Chicago is meeting today (Thurs 15th) From Computerworld: Costs of moving to e-health records slows adoption¬†- Getting doctors to embrace technology can…

  • Obama's Healthcare team in Second Life

    Published: Admin

    Just watched this on - some of the hairstyles are a bit freaky but interesting none the less: [youtube=]

  • Interesting Job Opportunity at Healogica

    Published: Admin

    Noticed this on the Crunchboard: "Healogica Inc. an online service for connecting patients to clinical trials opportunities seeks a kick-ass co-founding Vice President Technology/CTO."

  • GymFu - use your iPhone to improve your health

    Published: Admin

    By using the combination of a portable device, a built-in accelerometer, and internet connectivity, GymFu is a great way to get fit. The iPhone's accelerometer…

  • Intel Health Guide

    Published: Admin

    Mariah Scott talking about the Intel Health Guide: [youtube=]


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