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  • NHS Connecting for Health Funny Video

    Published: Admin

    Here are some videos that have been doing the rounds of various mailing lists at the moment: [youtube=] [youtube=]

  • Healthvault Implements OpenID

    Published: Admin

    Techcrunch is reporting that Microsoft Healthvault has implemented OpenID via Trustbearer and Verisign: The rationale behind the limited introduction is that health is sensitive, so…

  • NYT on Doctors and EMRs

    Published: Admin

    The New York Times has an article about the recent NEJM report on the low uptake of EMR software by US doctors: “Certainly, the idea…

  • Electronic Medical Records: US Doctors 4%, NZ Doctors 60%

    Published: Admin

    A recent NEJM study of US family doctors shows that just 4% are using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems fully (13% using a basic system). This…

  • MIM Radiology iPhone App wins Apple Award

    Published: Admin

    The MIM iPhone Application has won an Apple Design Award for the best iPhone Health App. The MIM iPhone Application provides multi-planar reconstruction of data…

  • Auckland University: Texting Doubles Chance of Quitting Smoking

    Published: Admin

    From the NZ Herald: Based on successful trials of the new concept, the service will be offered by the state-funded Quit Group, which also provides…


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