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  • Google Health Login -> Google Coop Health Page

    Published: Admin

    The previously non-functioning Google Health Login is now directing to the Google Coop Health section.

  • DLD08 Life: a gene-centric view

    Published: Admin

    In this talk, Craig Venter and Richard Dawkins discuss the digitisation of genetics. Dawkins states the Genetics could now be considered a branch of Information…

  • Super-speed internet could help Telemedicine

    Published: Admin

    Japan has recently launched a new Satellite capable of providing internet connectivity at speeds of 1.2GB/sec around the world. The satellite will initially focus on…

  • Health Informatics selected as Grand Challenge for the 21st Century

    Published: Admin

    Leading tech visionaries and futurists such as Google's Larry Page and J. Craig Venter have chosen the advancement of Health Informatics as one of the…

  • Web 2.0 and Medicine

    Published: Admin

    Bertalan Mesk√≥ has uploaded his Web 2.0 and Medicine talk from the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality conference: [splashcast MPWF5381CE] (Spotted this via a tweet by…

  • Google Android $10m Competition

    Published: Admin

    Google have announced a $10 million fund for new Google Android apps. Lots of potential for medical apps - portable EMRs and PHRs, drug references,…


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