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  • The NHS IT Project

    Published: Admin

    My new Health Informatics books have arrived. The first one I'm tackling is 'The NHS IT Project' by Sean Brennan. This book is a great read so…

  • Web 2.0 in Healthcare

    Published: Admin

    I've been watching the Web 2.0 meme for a number of years. I run an online community site that could be said to fit into…

  • NHS National Breast Screening System Completed

    Published: Admin

    e-Health Insider is reporting that the new NHS National Breast Screening System has been completed by Financial Objects and InterSystems: Benefits of the new system…

  • Nottingham/Dell/Intel Mobile Health IT System to be Rolled Out Further

    Published: Admin

    The Nottingham trial of using 3G enabled laptops is to be rolled out across the county according to the Nottingham Evening Post: They estimated a 25% increase in…

  • iPhone EMR - Life Record on the iPhone

    Published: Admin

    Slightly blurry video of the Life Record EMR running on an iPhone: [youtube=]

  • Vizada Supply Telemedicine to French MOD

    Published: Admin

    Satellite based telemedicine systems for the French militiary: Vizada, formerly France Telecom Mobile Satellite Communications, is using a solution based on Inmarsat's Broadband Global Area…


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