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  • NHS Connecting for Health Under Attack from British MPs

    Published: Admin

    The BBC is running a story on MP critism of the NHS Connecting for Health Programme: Fears over NHS e-records system The NHS IT project is…

  • Google Health Boss Quits

    Published: Admin

    Google is losing the boss of its Google Health project, Adam Bosworth. Danny Sullivan received the following statement from Google: Screenshots of the new Google Health project…

  • Royal Society of Medicine PDA and Smartphone Workshop, October 9th, London

    Published: Admin

    Register now for the 2007 Royal Society of Medicine PDA and Smartphone Workshop in London on October 9th.The workshop aims to cover a wide range…

  • Miscroft Common User Interface

    Published: Admin

    CNET has a short peice about Microsoft's new Common User Interface project and the work they are doing with the UK's NHS. They also mention Intel's Mobile Clinical…

  • Welcome to the Health Informatics Blog!

    Published: Admin

    Hi Folks, Welcome to the new Health Informatics Blog! This blog will be covering news and developments in the field of Health Informatics. I'm a…

  • About

    Published: Admin

    Welcome to Digital Health Base, formerly known as The Health Informatics Forum. We are a dedicated online platform that provides comprehensive resources on digital health,…


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