European Commission Telemedicine Survey

The EC is asking telemedicine experts to contribute to a survey of Telemedicine for Chronic Care:

The European Commission (EC) invites experts in the field of telemedicine to respond to a short online questionnaire designed to collect information on the role of innovative technologies for chronic disease management. The answers will help structure the TeleHealth 2007 conference (Brussels, Belgium, 11 December 2007) and will influence the way in which national problems will be addressed.

The online questionnaire should be completed by October 26, 2007 and is available at:

The TeleHealth 2007 conference will provide a platform for exchanging experiences and discussing the reasons why telemedicine is not yet as developed as it should be. The EC aims to propose concrete actions and solutions at a European level. Purely national issues, e.g. those related to specific national legislation, will not be addressed; the conference will focus on issues common to several Member States or related to cross-border activities and that would benefit from a European slant.

The answers to the questionnaire and the outcome of the conference will help build the EC Communication on 'telemedicine and innovative technologies for chronic disease management' planned for October 2008. This communication will be the culmination of a process starting with the current consultation aiming at gathering expertise in all Member States.

Registration for the TeleHealth 2007 is available at:


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