Free Textbook PDF: Biomedical Informatics 4th Ed (Shortliffe and Cimino)

Springer have made the classic health informatics textbook "Biomedical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine 4th Edition", edited by Edward H. Shortliffe an d James J. Cimino freely available online for PDF or e-Book download.

Publishers description:

  • Provides the conceptual base needed to comprehend and utilize medical informatics through easy to understand examples
  • Fills the need for a high quality text in computers and medicine
  • Focuses on the role of computers in the provision of medical services
  • Inspired by a Stanford University training program
  • Includes several new chapters filled with brand new material

The practice of modern medicine and biomedical research requires sophisticated information technologies with which to manage patient information, plan diagnostic procedures, interpret laboratory results, and carry out investigations. Biomedical Informatics provides both a conceptual framework and a practical inspiration for this swiftly emerging scientific discipline at the intersection of computer science, decision science, information science, cognitive science, and biomedicine. Now revised and in its third edition, this text meets the growing demand by practitioners, researchers, and students for a comprehensive introduction to key topics in the field. Authored by leaders in medical informatics and extensively tested in their courses, the chapters in this volume constitute an effective textbook for students of medical informatics and its areas of application. The book is also a useful reference work for individual readers needing to understand the role that computers can play in the provision of clinical services and the pursuit of biological questions. The volume is organized so as first to explain basic concepts and then to illustrate them with specific systems and technologies.

Download the PDF here:

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