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  • Health Informatics Jobs

    Published: Admin

    This page contains information about health informatics jobs and careers. Academic Health Informatics Jobs Health informatics jobs in academia include titles such as: Lecturer in…

  • NHS Spine to be Shutdown for 2 Days

    Published: Admin

    NHS Connecting for Health services that use the 'Spine' such as Choose and Book and GP2GP will be out of action for a planning maintenance…

  • Microsoft Azyxxi Screenshot

    Published: Admin

    Tony Chen over at the Hospital Impact blog, has posted up some thoughts and the following screenshot on Microsoft's Azyxxi software:

  • Google Body

    Published: Admin

    Coming soon in 2008/2009: Google Body: ! Update: Actually, this is Visible Body: [youtube=]

  • CliniScape Mobile Clinical Assistant

    Published: Admin

    CliniScape is a new Mobile Clinical Assistant from Philips. I've posted about it on Doctors' Gadgets: CliniScape.

  • European Commission Telemedicine Survey

    Published: Admin

    The EC is asking telemedicine experts to contribute to a survey of Telemedicine for Chronic Care: The online questionnaire should be completed by October 26,…


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